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About Little Country Cooks

Welcome to Little Country Cooks...

 Having been inspired by beautiful toys, we wanted to bring to you something really special, that was well made with quality and charm and bringing back the sence of the good old fashoned wooden toy. Our beautiful cookers are exactly that ... with accessories to choose from they will truely stand the test of time and be a true investment.

Offered in a stunning range of colours using Organic Paint , each cooker is handmade making each one unique, and it is this that makes our products so special.

With gorgeous colours for both boys and girls you are sure to find the perfect setting for these special cookers.

We hope that our cookers capture the imaginations of your children and that they have as much fun playing with them as we do creating them.

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"We believe creative play is essential for children using their immaginations through role play, allowing them to develop their playing and social skills"






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