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Little Country Cooks FAQ's


Q. Are Little Country Cooks Cooker heavy to move ?

A. The cookers weigh 14,28kg, so would recommend that if being carried up and down stairs that this is done with two people.

Q. Can I wash my Little Country Cooks Cooker?

A. We recommend that our cookers are “sponge cleaned” using warm soapy water. Ecos paints are Baby-Safe even if chewed & eaten but the Paint has been specially formulated for super-toughness and extra washability to withstand the inevitable multiple repeated cleanings that will be encountered in a nursery environment - super safe even if chewed & eaten.
Like all Ecos paints & varnishes, it has also been independently laboratory-tested* to the EU Toys Regulations std EN71:3 for freedom from heavy metals and far surpasses these stringent regulations - there is no better standard.

Q. Where are Little Country Cooks Cookers made?

A. Our products are made by our team in the UK. 

Q. I’m not sure which colour cooker to order, what would you recommend?

A. Most people’s choice of colour of cooker depends on weather they are ordering for a boy or girl. Sometimes people would like their Little Country Cooks Cooker to blend in with their surroundings, meaning that the right colour suits the room that it is going to be placed in. My three boys loved the blue, cream and Grey cooker, but we have a cream cooker in the perfect place in our family kitchen, which I must admit looks fabulous ….

Q. How do Little Country Cooks Cookers come packaged?

A. Little Country Cooks Cookers come packaged in a cardboard box measuring 665x365x675. 

Q. Do you ship overseas?

A. Yes, our UK website allows orders to be shipped anywhere in the world! 

All purchases are shipped from our British warehouse. 


If you have any further questions regarding Little Country Cooks Cookers or any other products please feel free to contact us at or call +44(0)20 3287 4099



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